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Much of the county’s present and future can be revealed through its past. The following is a collection of news briefs from decades past. See if you recognize venerable names sprawled throughout today’s county streets, buildings, parks and schools. All information was reproduced from the Daily/Brownsville Herald and researched and compiled by Rene Torres. Dates represent when the briefs were published.

December 20, 1892
$50 reward will be paid to any person or persons giving information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of fence cutters, who have been lately cutting our pasture fence at Rancho Viejo—J.S. and M.H. Cross.

July 6, 1892
Miss Isabel Yturria, secretary of the Ladies Charitable Association, was out this morning collecting the regular monthly subscriptions for the poor.

September 2, 1892
Mr. J. L. Putegnat has decided with Mr. Cummings, to have the phonograph exhibited at his Drug Store on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of this week from 6-10 p.m. In order that everybody can get a chance to hear this most wonderful talking machine, the charges for admission have been put at the lowest possible figures. For ten cents, you may hear three pieces and a quarter will entitle you to eight. Mr. Cummings has a fine assortment of musical selections played by the best bands in the country; songs and sermons and better than all three of four of the Brady records. Go and see how Brady administers justice as a police judge and then ask for his election speech. Some of the numerous candidates might get pointers if they take in the phonograph.

December 10, 1892
There is a baseball game going on this afternoon between the St. Joseph and the public school boys.

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