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For most kids, just getting through school with passing grades would qualify as a major victory and beating the latest level on their favorite video game would turn them unto the ultimate warrior.

Ricardo “Kwi Kwi” Guerrero is far from your average child, however, and the 14-year-old is currently dealing with something that gives even the burliest men nightmares.

Guerrero’s battle begun when he was only seven-years-old and diagnosed with leukemia. The fun-loving child fought through that diagnosis, and over a span of four years, was able to come out the other side victorious in his battle with cancer.

While his family enjoyed three years of good health, Guerrero began to shine in both school and sports, following in the footsteps of his older brother and varsity football player, Tony Cervantes. That all changed on June 8, 2022 when doctors informed Guerrero that his leukemia had returned suddenly, and the battle would have to be fought all over again.

“He’s such a caring kid and someone who always has a smile on his face, but he’s also a fighter, and I think his attitude is a big reason he’s been able to deal with so much in his young life,” said Guerrero’s mother, Dalia Barrera. “He’s never been someone to dwell on the negative and even hearing the leukemia had come back, he was ready to fight through it again.”

Despite the return diagnosis, Guerrero continued to live his life while fighting through the hospital visits and cancer treatments. With the knowledge of his initial battle with cancer, Guerrero was able to approach his second diagnosis with a relatively optimistic view.

Just as Guerrero was set to begin his freshman year at the VMA, tragedy struck again in the worst way.
The 14-year-old San Benito native had to be airlifted to Houston’s Children Hospital after a medical scare that was eventually diagnosed as pneumonia. Barrera was eventually informed her son would need an operation on his lungs to save his life.

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