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The Point Isabel Independent School District (PI-ISD) held a community meeting on Monday at Divots Bar and Grill in Laguna Vista to discuss the need to support competitive salaries for the dedicated staff in the Port Isabel schools in this election on November 7. By obtaining voter approval, PI-ISD aims to make significant improvements for its employees by providing them with pay raises for the 2023-2024 academic year.

“We value our employees, and their hard work is the foundation of the quality education we provide to our students. This VATRE is a vital initiative that will allow us to create competitive salaries and maintain a high standard of education in our district,” said Superintendent Teri Capistran.

At the forum, the school district announced a Voter Approved Tax Ratification Election (VATRE), which Superintendent Teri Capistran, Chief Financial Officer Christy Gonzalez, and District Financial Advisor Angel Magallanes discussed. They met with the community to address the residents’ questions or concerns regarding the upcoming election.

The VATRE was described as a vital step for Point Isabel ISD to ensure they can provide competitive salaries and assist with escalating 2023-2024 school year insurance expenses. If the VATRE is approved, it will generate approximately $3.6 million in additional funding dedicated to employee raises and to help mitigate rising insurance costs. The salary adjustments for PI-ISD employees will be as follows.

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