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With high school athletics in full swing, one of the unavoidable and hated parts of sports – injuries — continue being a focal point for schools across the Valley.

From the newest technology and equipment to the best trainers and strength coaches available, coaching staffs of every sport have been looking for a ways to keep their players safe in their respective sports. While that has proven to be a never-ending an unpredictable task, one former Greyhound athlete has brought a new idea to the table that’s catching the attention of several top Valley athletes over the last few months.

Klaryssa Suarez, a former San Benito cheerleader and current AEP employee, is using her background in agriculture to offer a unique service to high performance athletes in the area. The Diamond K Wave machine is a non-invasive electro therapy device that works with oxygen levels and cellular metabolism to fight inflammation, soreness, and body aches at deeper level than previously available. While the cutting-age technology has become popular in the Northern United States for its effectiveness among livestock, Suarez conducted over a year of research that led her to believe the technology would translate well for athletes looking for a quick recovery timetable.

“After graduating High School, I immediately went on to Texas A&M in Kingsville where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in AgriBusiness,” said Suarez. “I went straight to work for AEP, but I always had a love for the agriculture community and followed what was happening in that world. When I saw MagnaWave getting popular up North, I knew it was something that could have a lot of potential here in the Valley.”

At the behest of family and friends, Suarez became a certified Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) practitioner and decided to start up her own business based around the MagnaWave machine. A year and a half later, Suarez has been pleasantly surprised at the popularity of her service, which remains the only one in the Valley.

Not only has Suarez’ vision of using the machine as a therapeutic device on athletes come to fruition, appointments for livestock have been constant, making her thriving business as profitable as ever.

“Right now with stock show season starting back up, my appointments for livestock have been shooting back up, and we still get multiple athletes every month calling about the service,” added Suarez. “It’s been awesome to see the results for these young athletes, especially within the community I grew up in. I would love to make this my main income one day and be able to open up a small office in San Benito.”

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