Publisher’s Word: A Tribute to Vision and Perseverance

Dr. Annabelle Palomo and Howie, the college’s mascot. Courtesy photo

Texas Border Business

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Our Exclusive interview with Dr. Annabelle Palomo provides us with more than just insights into RGV College’s growth; it paints a vivid and inspiring portrait of a woman whose dedication, resilience, and visionary leadership transformed a small initiative into a thriving educational institution.

Her story is characterized by a solid commitment to her students, staff, and community, as well as a relentless focus on quality education. Through obstacles and challenges, Dr. Palomo’s willingness to adapt, grow, and believe in her mission has shaped RGV College into a bright light of excellence.

Her journey serves as powerful evidence to the profound impact one person can have on many lives, offering a convincing reminder of the importance of perseverance, vision, and faith in achieving great things. It’s an example of the belief that with dedication and purpose, dreams can be realized, and lives can be changed.

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Her tale is not just a story of an institution’s success; it’s a story of human potential, and it stands as an inspiring lesson to us all. Read the complete story inside.

On another note, on October 9, the RGV Hispanic Chamber hosted a luncheon at the DHR Event Center in Edinburg, with special guest U.S. Senator John Cornyn. Cornyn was proclaimed the ‘Official Compadre’ by the RGV Hispanic Chamber.

The event was moderated by Julian Alvarez II of Lone Star National Bank. Alvarez addressed a range of critical topics such as infrastructure, economic development, education, border issues, and healthcare.

Senator Cornyn commended Texas’s resilience, emphasizing its role as an economic powerhouse and highlighted the need to heed the border communities. He emphasized the potential for Mexico in the U.S. supply chain, especially given U.S.-China relations. He concluded by underscoring the importance of mutual respect and understanding in tackling the challenges at hand. Read more inside.

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Congratulations are in order as October 9, 2023, was proclaimed Taco Palenque Day. “It’s more than just a proclamation,” Aguirre says, holding the official document that declares October 10th, 2023, as Taco Palenque Day. “It’s a testament to the journey, the hard work, and the resolute spirit of the Ochoa family and the entire Taco Palenque team.”

As we trace back the origins of tacos, from the ancient streets of Mexico to their migration into Los Angeles and then being embraced by the US, it’s evident that this humble dish, with its rich history, has the power to connect and bring together diverse communities.

As McAllen celebrates Taco Palenque Day, the city not only honors a brand but also the spirit of entrepreneurship, community engagement, and the shared love for a dish that transcends borders. The story of Taco Palenque is, indeed, a testament to how food, passion, and hard work can weave into success, legacy, and community love. Read complete story inside.


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