A Legacy of Generosity Bob and Janet Vackar’s $20 Million Donation Ushers in a New Era for UTRGV and Its Stadium

By Roberto Hugo González

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Welcome to Me Gusta TV, where history unfolds in the Rio Grande Valley! Today, we are video streaming an event that marks a milestone for the University of the Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) and a significant moment for Texas. With a great crowd gathered here, those in attendance are genuinely in the right place at the right time. The atmosphere was electric, and anticipation hung in the air.

Today’s story centers on an extraordinary act of generosity and friendship that has propelled UTRGV into the spotlight. Bob and Janet Ogden Vackar, synonymous with philanthropy and community support, have once again demonstrated their commitment to advancing education and sports in the Rio Grande Valley. The couple’s monumental donation of $20 million to UTRGV’s athletics department has led to the university’s newly acquired football stadium being named in their honor: The Bob and Janet Vackar Stadium.

It’s also a day to acknowledge the broader community that supports UTRGV, including the staff of Bert Ogden Fiesta and various dealerships owned by the Vackars. Their contributions go beyond just business; they’ve played a fundamental role in supporting the university and the Rio Grande Valley.

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“UTRGV, a university that opened its doors on August 30th, 2015, has achieved remarkable milestones relatively quickly. These achievements demonstrate the power of friendship and belief in a shared vision. Bob and Janet Vackar’s friendship and faith in UTRGV’s potential have been a cornerstone of the university’s success. Their early and continuous support has provided instant credibility and set a foundation for a legacy that will benefit future generations,” Guy Bailey, president of the university, said.

He continued, “As we officially announce the naming of the Robert and Janet Vackar Stadium, let’s take a moment to celebrate this enduring legacy. This stadium will not just be a venue for thrilling football games; it will stand as a monument to Bob and Janet Vackar’s generosity, vision, and friendship. Their commitment to UTRGV and the Rio Grande Valley community exemplifies how philanthropy can shape the future.”

So, to everyone watching through Me Gusta TV, whether at the office or watching from home, you are about to witness a momentous day. On this day, generosity, community, and vision converge to create an enduring legacy. Join us in extending our deepest gratitude to Bob and Janet Vackar, not just for today’s gift but for their continued support and belief in the promise of UTRGV and its students. Stay with us as we celebrate this landmark occasion, and we look forward to the many achievements that will undoubtedly unfold on the Bob and Janet Vackar Stadium field.

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