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“Carter’s crystal-clear vocals are backed by slick, Red Dirt country filled with fiddles and pedal steel.”—Texas Music Magazine.

The Will Carter Band (WCB) will be performing two shows at LongBoard Bar & Grill on South Padre Island Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25. Hailing from the Houston area, they’ve been recognized for their signature blend of rich melodies and poignant lyrics. The band is currently riding the wave of four successful radio singles off their forthcoming album Had It All Wrong which will be released on June 28.

Will Carter’s storytelling and audience-engaging sets have earned a slew of nominations and awards including four consecutive wins for “Songwriter of the Year” at the Texas Country Music Association Awards and four consecutive nominations for “Male Vocalist of the Year,” according to his publicist.

The band’s new single “Had Me At Goodbye” was released in late March, just ahead of this summer’s album release. Its official music video just premiered on Stars Over Texas TV on May 10, and is the show’s “Featured Artist” for the month.

WCB has been consistently touring, performing 150-200 shows each year and have shared stages with prominent acts like Wade Bowen, Randall King, Eli Young Band, Cory Morrow, Kyle Park, Johnny Lee, The Great Divide and Cody Canada.

The band has diligently navigated their pathway through Texas’s music landscape over the last year. Trailing four successful radio singles, including the harmony rich “Amarillo Rain” and the steadfast performer “Just Wait and See,” WCB plows ahead with “Had Me At Goodbye” which is the ultimate break up anthem that welcomes the end before it even begins.

“Had Me at Goodbye” was the first song that was written entirely by the band as a group. We’ve all dealt with the internal struggle of being pulled toward what we know we’re better off without. The common ground of each of our experiences of being caught in a loop fighting what we think we want versus what we know we need ultimately gave life to “Had Me At Goodbye” in a studio apartment at 4 in the morning,” said Carter
This new collection spans the emotional plain. “Masterpiece” is the go-to when wanting to revel in absolute true love while “Front Porch Life” portrays the bliss found in everyday life. The album also boasts hard muscle with songs like “Your Love Looks Good On Me.”

The band is a seamless blend of seasoned musicians including Will Carter (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Dillan Dostal (lead guitar), Bobby Tapia (bass), Jacob Lee (drums), and Bino (fiddle, keys, and percussion).
“My bandmates are all rockers which gives our music a good access point for people who don’t normally listen to country,” said Carter.

Carter grew up in Frydek, Texas (pronounced Freedeck), on a 13-acre self-sustaining farm. After he took care of the goats and collected the chicken eggs in the morning, Carter was home schooled.

“After I was done with everything, I rode horses, played with the dogs and explored the woods all day,” said Carter.

When asked what inspired him to be a musician, Carter tells a poignant story of growing up on that idyllic family farm.

“Dad was Superman to me at 6’4” and 250 pounds and Mom was only 5’3” and all of 95 pounds by comparison,” said Carter. “I was the eldest of four kids and Dad wanted me to be a football player like him. He signed me up for tap, jazz and ballet to prepare me for the sport. I wasn’t much of an athlete, but I did pick up on the music.”

His Dad’s appreciation that his eldest had an innate talent that he didn’t have himself drove Carter to play, perform and compete in the musical realm instead of on the football field that his father thought he was destined for.

“Dad had terminal cancer when I was only 11 years old and he passed two years later,” recounted Carter. “In those two years, he was unable to work and provide for us, so I made a CD and sold it as my contribution to the family.”

Carter explains how his father kept wearing out those CDs because he kept playing them on repeat in his sickbed.

“I kept having to burn him new copies to listen to which I did until he passed away,” said Carter. “My dad gave everything to me and the rest of the family and my music meant so much to him. That inspired me to keep telling stories and pursuing my passion in music.”

The father wasn’t Carter’s only early musical influence.

“The family joke was that dad was country and mom was all country club,” said Carter. “She loved rock music and that was a definite influence on my style over the years.”

Carter describes music as a rough industry with its ups and downs.

“Many bands and musicians can’t seem to get to that 10-year mark,” explained Carter. “We’ve been a charting Texas band for 8 years and I see the Will Carter Band being a household name by the time we hit that mark in two more years.”

Carter prefers to remain an independent artist instead of pursuing perceived fame and fortune. He doesn’t want to be on a tour bus for three months at a time while missing too many milestones like his son’s first steps and birthdays.

“I want to stay grounded in my family and maintain control of my own life,’ said Carter. “I’m lucky that Texas has a huge music scene where you can build your own career, which suits me better.”

Carter’s favorite aspect of his music career is the performance piece of it. Tom Jackson Productions designs WCB’s shows as well as for big names like Taylor Swift. He creates an overall template that the band follows, but there’s a lot of flexibility so that they can adjust for each audience and have a little fun with their fans.

“When I played with the Emotions, everyone had wireless mics, pickups and everything and we loved going out right into the crowd to create an unforgettable experience,” said Carter.

For more information, log onto: www.willcarterband.com or contact, Longboard Bar and Grill – 205 W Palm St, South Padre Island, TX 78597, (956) 772-7022.

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