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Point Isabel Independent School District (PIISD) held a grand unveiling of several buildings on campus including the “Tarpon Lighthouse” on Wednesday, May 29, at 3:00 p.m. The facility is designed to serve students in their Special Education 18+ Transition Program, providing them with essential life skills training to aid their transition into independent living.

The Tarpon Lighthouse replicates a home environment, offering students hands-on experience in various daily tasks that are critical for independent living. According to PIISD officials, students will learn to cook basic meals, wash and change bed sheets, perform essential household chores and manage outdoor landscaping.

This immersive, real-life training is designed to provide special needs students with the confidence and skills needed as they prepare to leave the district and enter the broader community to live independently.
Superintendent Teri Capistran expressed enthusiasm for the new facility, stating, “The Tarpon Lighthouse is a testament to Point Isabel ISD’s commitment to providing all of our students with the tools they need for success.”

The unveiling ceremony was attended by district officials, faculty, students, parents and community members. Attendees toured the facility and witnessed firsthand the design and resources available to the students. The excitement on the faces of the students and teachers was palpable.

“By offering a practical, supportive environment for our 18+ Transition Program students, we are helping to ensure they are well-prepared for the future.”

For further information about this event, PIISD officials encourage individuals to contact Juliette Conzales, PIISD’s Communications Specialist, at juliette.gonzales@pi-isd.net.

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