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Jordan Badillo is one of several Port Isabel athletes participating in summer track and cross country. At just 13 years old, Badillo is already in his fourth year of participating in Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) summer track and field meets, but he has been running 5k and 10k runs since he was eight years old.
Badillo has his eyes set on this year’s “Summer Games of Texas,” an event organized by TAAF.

The yearly event showcases amateur and recreational athletes as they compete in 16 sports. For track and field participants, TAAF makes circuit meets available to track athletes for practice as they prepare for the upcoming regional meet. Once an athlete qualifies at the regional level, he or she advances to the TAAF State Track Meet.

Badillo just competed at a TAAF circuit meet, the Tony Trejo Invitational Track and Field Meet, which was held in McAllen, TX, on Jun. 20–21. Competing in the 14 and under division, Badillo finished in first place in the 3200m run and finished in seventh place in the 1600m run.

In last year’s “Summer Games of Texas,” Badillo came in 11th place in the 3200m run (14 u) with a time of 12:23.52 minutes and finished in 13th place in the 1600m run (14 u) with a time of 5:41.40 minutes.
Badillo’s summer schedule keeps him quite busy as he works on his track and cross country in the mornings, followed by work on speed, agility, strength and conditioning in the afternoon. He has basketball practice on Mondays and Wednesdays, with Thursdays reserved for track meets.

Badillo’s father, Timon Badillo, who coached his son while he was growing up, sees his son improving year after year, especially after being mentored by PI’s coach Todd Harbour. “He’s learned how to run smarter and stay consistent through his last laps. His coach (Harbour) has helped him tremendously the past two years.”
A multi-sport athlete, Badillo also participates in basketball, football, cross country, track and just joined tennis.

TAAF is comprised of 17 regions, and the Rio Grande Valley falls under region two. The regional qualifier, the City of McAllen TAAF region two Track and Field Meet, will be held in McAllen, TX, on Jul. 11–12, 2024.
TAAF has been holding the “Summer Games of Texas” since 1986, and this year’s event will take place on Jul. 25–28, marking the second year the event will be held in Brownsville, TX.

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